February 18, 2013

First Game, New Experiences, Old Passion

Wish I could relive that moment again
The electrical buzz filling the arena. The tens of thousands of fans cheering at the top of their lungs. The crisp sound of the puck hitting the face of the sticks. And of course, the Canadian winter lurking outside.

Now those are all elements that make up a great hockey game.

It began about about a month ago. I came back from school, and once I took off all my winter stuff weighing me down, my mom greeted me by telling me to call my dad immediately. Turns out that his work had offered him two Winnipeg Jets tickets, and that I could pick the date we would be attending. Naturally, I went for Sunday, February 17th. The Jets would be playing the Boston Bruins, my favorite team. And so it was a done deal. I would be going with my dad, and my little brother would be going the next time my dad got tickets.

February 1, 2013

Some things here and there

Ok, well the title says it all. But... I will make it less confusing, and put it in point (technically number) form :)

(And cause I feel so today, I will put them in different colours, WHEE!)

1. Happy February! Although I am sad to see January go, since it passed in such a blur... I really do try to live in the moment, but with this coming up and that catching up soon, I feel like my life is on flashforward, which kind of leads to my second point/event/announcement... (Gah I need a specific word for this...)

2. I cannot say for sure that I'll be taking a reluctant break from blogging, but with a lot of music events coming up soon, and the ever-so nagging pile of homework and projects, I just can't keep up with my blogging schedule. Which is 2-3 posts a week. So that being said, I will try my best to get in at least 1-2 post this month, which is saying a lot (...I think).

3. So if you guys have ever realized, Friday is usually the day of the week I post my Classical Piece of the Week. But this week I want to change it up a little, and introduce to you guys a singer that I have been absolutely hooked on these past couple of weeks. Her name, Coeur de Pirate. Her voice, soft, and sweetly mellow. Her songs, simply spectacular. And she's Canadian-French! I compiled up a playlist of some of my favorite songs from her, here's the link. I hope you'll give her songs a try!

4. And finally, this is kind of off subject, but I'd like to thank you guys. For reading my post up till the end, for leaving a comment here and there. Even after half a year of blogging, I still get excited when I refresh my feed and discover that I've gotten a new comment. It just means so much to me! So thank you for being here, and for maybe sticking around for a little more :)


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