April 28, 2013

Saving June, a book review

by Hannah Harrington
published in 2011
a to the moon and back 4/ 5 stars
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 "Now I'm counting up the days, counting all the ways
I never said what I meant, but it's too late 'cause
June is over and so are we
And I'm the one left, with nothing to save."

Saving June is like a hum. A steady hum that can sometimes go a little off track, but still keeps its senses anchored to the ground. And sometimes, there are rattles and sparks thrown in the way, and that hum just turns even more powerful, until it wraps around you and then suddenly you're breathing the same air it's breathing.

Saving June is about a road trip. And then some. Haley's older sister June just killed herself. Discovering her in the car, a bottle of sleeping pills in her hand, Haley cannot stop thinking of what June could have been. June, smart, sociable, a loving daughter. But June, weak in depth, concealed, revealing only partially her whole. So Haley decides to bring June's urn to California, the place where Haley thinks June wanted be set free. In comes along June's trusty side kick and best friend, Laney, and the mystical Jake Tolan, who has an apparent connection with June. Together they set off for a roadtrip of a lifetime, a roadtrip of undetermined length and spontaneous decisions. But a roadtrip for one sole purpose, and that is to save June.

April 27, 2013

100 Followers+ Update!

Hi! Long time no see! Well, I won't drag on with an introduction, so let's go straight off to the points. First of all...

YAY! I reached one hundred followers! When I updated my feed and saw 99 followers creep up to 100, a giant smile just sparked on my face! I honestly feel so thankful to have such great readers like you guys. And even more for those who take that extra couple of minutes to put a comment on my post. It honestly means SO much to me! I love all of you guys so much! (*Kissy, smoochy face*)

And also, you might have realized that I haven't been posting very regularly these past few weeks/month, and as much as I'd like to blame time, I think it's only partially the cause. The thing is, I write when I feel something. I do not like writing with a schedule, because sometimes I just can't connect with the words. And I want each and everyone one of my posts to have a meaning, a passion. So I guess you could say I'm a little spontaneous when it comes to blogging.

And I hope you bare with me and my weird schedule for the rest of your lifetime a little longer,

because I love having you


April 12, 2013

Classical Piece of the Week: Polonaise from Eugene Onegin

Missed the last one? Here's a link to Valse Sentimentale.

Why hello there! It's been such a long time since I have written a post, but I promise I will make it up to you, because I am here to present you an absolutely incredible work of music. It's called the Polonaise from the opera Eugene Onegin by Ptyor IIyich Tchaikovsky. And yes, I am aware that my last CPW was by Tchaikovsky too, but I seriously do not want to let go of my healthy (slightly turning compulsive) obsession with Tchaik, so Polonaise will it be.


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