April 27, 2013

100 Followers+ Update!

Hi! Long time no see! Well, I won't drag on with an introduction, so let's go straight off to the points. First of all...

YAY! I reached one hundred followers! When I updated my feed and saw 99 followers creep up to 100, a giant smile just sparked on my face! I honestly feel so thankful to have such great readers like you guys. And even more for those who take that extra couple of minutes to put a comment on my post. It honestly means SO much to me! I love all of you guys so much! (*Kissy, smoochy face*)

And also, you might have realized that I haven't been posting very regularly these past few weeks/month, and as much as I'd like to blame time, I think it's only partially the cause. The thing is, I write when I feel something. I do not like writing with a schedule, because sometimes I just can't connect with the words. And I want each and everyone one of my posts to have a meaning, a passion. So I guess you could say I'm a little spontaneous when it comes to blogging.

And I hope you bare with me and my weird schedule for the rest of your lifetime a little longer,

because I love having you



  1. Congratz that's a great milestone. I too reached it recently. Good to have you back :)

  2. :O You completely deserve those 100 followers! I have never read a post of your's that wasn't simply beautiful!

    And I will totally follow you until the end! (<---That kinda sounds super dramatic...)

    Your 100 followers just became a 101 :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I feel so honoured to be one of them. :) And don't worry, I don't have a schedule either!

  4. YAY! A well-deserved 100+ followers! Amazing job.

    All of your posts are of such quality, that I honestly don't care that they're not very frequent, because when they do come along, they're like a special treat :)

    -Annie :)

  5. Guys. Thank you. To the moon and back. I thought it could not have been any sunnier today, but now, the room feels even more brighter! I love your dramatization, quirkiness, and devotion.

    Thank you so much for all of the uplifting comments!

    -Grace :)

  6. OMGOMGOMG CONGRATULATIONS GRACEEE!!!! YOU DESERVE ALL EM FOLLOWERS BECAUSE YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING! (don't worry, I write when I feel like it too, feels too pressuring for on a schedule, ehh? ;D)



Hi! If you are here, I'm assuming that you've just read my post. If yes, don't hesitate on leaving a quick comment, I truly do appreciate each and every single one of them!

-Grace :)


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