July 27, 2012

Time through an Hourglass

So my mom just recently bought an hourglass, something that she's been engrossed by for the past couple of months.

And today I was staring at this hourglass, and it struck to me just how fast time was passing by. When you look at an hourglass, it's a constant flow motion, never stopping (until there is no more sand left, that is). Like time. And I think of all of the precious time I have wasted, lying around, too lazy to do anything, and I get a little sad. I may have stopped, but time hasn't. Time will never stop, and it's your choice to choose to cherish it or not.

This humble hourglass has definitely taught me a very important lesson that has always been right in front of my eyes- yet I chose to keep a blind eye from it. Until now.

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