September 20, 2013

Classical Piece of the Week: Vocalise

Missed the last one? Here's a link to Rêverie.

Vocalise, by Sergei Rachmaninoff

And on those days when the leaves are shifting hues, drifting away,
when the trees are left with only their stark limbs, battered with wind.

And on those days when the only rays, are seen through stretched clouds,
gray and soulless but with infinite amount of reason.

And on those days when you stare at the world,
and all you get is a woman in her coat, eyes cast down, stepping carefully.

And on those days when you put the sad records on,
a soft piano, a crying violin.

And on those days when life is dusty and ashen,
but then the music fills you and suddenly everything is so, so alive.


  1. Hello! Delaney lead me here :P

    This is so lovely. Both the music and the piece of writing you paired it with. Did you write it yourself? If so, you are a magnificent writer :)

    Can't wait to see more of your post!


    1. Thanks so much for everything, Lesley! And yes, I did write it myself, just a little spur of the moment poem inspired by Vocalise.

      I followed your blog, and I just absolutely love it! From the design to the content!

      -Grace :)

      P.S. Delaney's pretty awesome, eh?

  2. Haha, anybody who has beautifully writing should be told so :D And thanks for following :) (Delaney is the definition of awesome.)

  3. AWW you guys make me blush so hard. >////////< AHH I LOVE YOU BOTH! <33 *glomp* Who you talking that is awesome? Hmm, yeah that's right, you guys!! XD

    Anywho, I've missed your posts so much Grace! So happy to see another Classical piece of the week! School being tough this year? D: I'm glad you can post occasionally though so I am happy. ^^ Thanks so ever much for the lovely music. It never stops to amaze me.

  4. I'm new to your blog and just found this lovely feature! I've recently become more interested in listening to classical music too - a friend influenced me :D I play piano and violin myself and I just adore pieces from the classical and romantic era. The one you've chosen this week is so pretty - not usually a huge fan of Rachmaninoff!

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you Grace! Fellow Asian here :)

    1. Hi Beverly (fellow Asian aha!)! I'm really glad you like my Classical Piece of the Week, I haven't posted one in a long time, but reading your comment makes me want to write one really soon!

      And holy are we like twins or something? Cause I love classical and romantic, play violin and piano, and not the biggest fan of Rach. either! (But I've got to give to him on Vocalise; what an amazing piece eh?)

      Well, really nice meeting you Beverly, I will be sure to follow your blog as soon as I'm done writing this comment!

      -Grace :)


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