August 6, 2012

Heart-breaking loss for the Canadian Women's Soccer Team

Well, the title says it all. Canada vs. United-States. Semifinal game in soccer at the Olympics. Canada, coming as the heavy under-dogs, but still a threat based on their last few games.

When Christine Sinclair scored that first goal for Canada, I was so extremely excited. I was like, hey, maybe Canada has a shot at winning this! Then in the second half, U.S. answered back by scoring a goal. And then, what do you know, Sinclair scores her 2nd goal! By now, I was furiously pressing the refresh button every 10 seconds (I wasn't watching the game up t'ill the last 15 minutes of regular time). And well, that refresh button, honest as it is, indicated on the website that the U.S. had scored another goal. At this point, I was silently stomping around my room (my brother had and is still having a chess lesson, so I have to be quiet). But then, the miraculous and wonderful refresh button gave me something to cheer for: Sinclair with a hat-trick! 3-2 for Canada! So then I suddenly realize that I can actually watch the game on the CTV Olympics app, so I zip on over there and first thing I realize is that the U.S. has gotten a free kick. Then that free kick turns into a penalty kick. And that penalty kick turns into a goal. While those things were changing, my face was changing from annoyance, to confusion, to horror. At that time, I was using all the will-power I had to not yell in dismay. So on to extra-time we go. By the final minutes of the extra-time, it seemed almost certain that this match would end on penalty kicks. But of course not. About 40 seconds before the extra-time was about to end, the United States- oh what do you know- scores. My hands are up to my face, I'm lying on the floor, rolling around and silently punching my fists on the carpet. I was in shock, and I still am.

Now to think about it, this is kind of an useless post, but I don't think I'd feel at peace if I had not written it. Even if they lost, I'm super proud of the Canadian women's soccer team and now far they have come to make it to the semi-finals. I'll be rooting them for the bronze now!

I'm sorry if this post was poorly written or a little harsh, but I'm glad I got it all out.

Ok Grace, deep breaths, deep breaths....

Aaaaa.... Fuuuuuuu (is that the sound when you inhale and exhale even?)

Well, if you have read up to here, I must give you a good applaud for going through all of this crazy ranting. And good job to the Americans for making it to the gold medal match, they put on a good fight!

What an epic, epic match...


  1. Hahaha--I love this post! I watched the game too and though I wanted the Americans to win I did think that the Canadians put up a good fight and played really well. I live in Canada in the summertime, after all:)

    1. Thanks for reading the post Annie! So, where do you live in Canada in the summertime?

      -Grace :)

    2. Southern Ontario. Do you live in Canada?

    3. That's cool. Is it really cold up there?

    4. Well, I don't live up North, but yes, in the winter it's pretty cold. Although, it was super warm this year, and there wasn't a lot of snow.


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