August 4, 2012

Technical Difficulties (Updated!)

Update: YES!!!! I finally got it!! I think I was just using the wrong code or something. So I switched to another website with different instructions and I got it! You can see this website here. Of course, I'm pretty sure the other websites should work as well, but they didn't work for me. Yay, I can finally relax and not stare at my un-working button!!!

Old post: So I've been having some troubles with that new button of mine. It's seriously driving me nuts!!! Hopefully I'll be able to fix it soon, but for now, if my button looks kind of funny or it doesn't work, it's 'cause I haven't fixed it yet (obviously). Well, I'm crossing my fingers and my toes right now for that darn button thing to work!!!


  1. Glad you got it to working! It's so cute! When I'm at a computer (and not on my phone) I'll add it to my page! :)

    1. Thank you so much Becca! Although you're doing a great job blogging even without a computer!


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