November 30, 2012

Classical Piece of the Week: La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin

So, I have noticed that I have been posting a string of really depressing or sad music these past few weeks, so I thought, to lighten the mood, I would go for a much softer, happy-sounding, piece. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin by Claude Debussy, fit perfectly with this theme.

It was originally composed for the piano, but I find that the violin version really showcases the beautiful melody of this piece better.

How to say this? This piece is lovely. It's delicate, peaceful. It makes me think of a little girl picking blossoming flowers in a beautiful bed of grass, with her blond hair glistening under the soft sun. And the divine tone of the violin accentuates perfectly the gentle theme.

La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin might be quite a short piece, but it contains such delightful harmonies and a lovely melody that you'll find yourself replaying it over and over again. 

Click on this link to see my perfomance of this piece :)

But for now, I leave you with what I think is the best performance of this piece...



  1. Just wondering... Have you heard of Vitamin String Quartet or ThePianoGuys?

    Vitamin String Quartet is awesome because they convert songs we now into string/classic ways and make it better than the original!

    ThePianoGuys there was one song, you should definitely check out their cover of That's hat Makes You Beautiful (original song by One Direction) but they do it with ONE piano and 5 guys!!! It's awesome!

    Both are superbly amazing from their awesome covers and songs we know but they make it their own. It's really awesome.


    Note: the pieces you pick aren't terrible, they are always beautiful and you put a lot of thought into picking the piece. ^^

    1. Oh, I forgot! (cause I wrote such a GIGANTIC comment) I love the new design on your blog! Definitely Christmas-y and I think I'm going to change mine up as well! I've been so deep in writing I forgot Christmas is around the corner! ^^ And i love the new header, very pretty!

    2. Aw, thank you for everything, Delaney!

      I just went to check out The Piano Guys and Vitamin String Quartet on Youtube, and I've got to admit, both are very awesome, and ooze with talent! I love it! Thanks for the recommendations!

      -Grace :)

  2. The pieces you pick are always beautiful! I tend to like music that have a tragic or creepy vibe to them. This gets me into awkward situations with my friends when they listen to my playlist xD

    1. Lol, don't worry, I also have a tendency to attach myself to the more tragical sounding music. There's just so much emotion in them!

      Thank you for listening to the piece, and commenting, Lottie!

      -Grace :)


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