November 14, 2012

Food, and the different emotions it evokes in us

Food. An essential of life, an accompaniment of my journey. It is always there, something that I often time take for granted.

Food. Oh what a lovely, lovely word! I don't just eat it, I savore it. It is a delectable little taste of heaven. It is the light of my day, it is my passion!

Food. Possibly the most complicated relationship I have ever had. An ongoing battle between my good conscience and desires. It brings joy to me and my taste pallets, but not to my waist line. I gorge myself of it, yet always regret it.

Food. It is my drug, it is my booze. A way of escaping from my pains. It is the only friend I can turn to when everything fails. But is it really my friend? Or is it just a welcome distraction to everything that is not going right in my life?...

Food. A seemingly unattainable thing. It is what I long for, what I wish for. I dream of it. I dream of it filling up the empty hole in my stomach. Filling up the growling monster inside of me that is slowly making me weaker, weaker, weaker...

Food. I fear it. I fear that it will make my double chin more prominent, my arms thicker, my legs wider, my face more bloated. I dread every breakfast, every lunch, and every supper. I wish that it was a choice, and not a need.

Food. I eat it simply because I have to. It is for me, just another side effect of living. Nothing more.

Food. That's me. I live an easy life, but my owner always complicates my existence. And though I do not like being ingested, I will never really have a voice, so I just follow the rhythm of my life, and go where it takes me.
So, how do you view food? Leave a comment below, or make up a new one that describes your relationship with food!


  1. Wow! That is a very interesting post, Grace! Actually it's a mix. It's both "Ugh, i hate you terrible tasting food" and "OMG I want more!!!" and "Please, keep that away from me!" and maybe "Oh curse you, food!"

    1. Yes indeed!

      Thank you for reading my post and commenting, Delaney!

      -Grace :)


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