September 7, 2012

Classical Piece of the Week: Caprice No.13

Anybody who plays the violin must know about the great Niccolo Paganini. He and Lizst were the respective virtuosos on violin and piano of their time, and both brought great contributions to the world of music, both in performances and compositions.

Paganini has composed many violin pieces, and I think most of them are rather virtuosic in nature. Caprice No.13, might not be his most famous one, but since I'm learning it right now, I thought it'd be a great idea to introduce it to you guys. It's closer to an ├ętude than an actual piece, but I think it's super fun to play, and to listen to.

It starts off very melodically, with a rather soft undertone. The second section is more heavy, almost like a "man's voice" in contrast to the first section which has more of a "woman's voice". (My violin teacher told me that it was how one of Paganini's friend described this piece). Then, it goes into a higher register, with these crazy leaps and octaves that I am still pretty far from mastering. ^_^ It ends with a return of the main theme.

I hope you guys take a little time to listen to this brilliant piece, and realize just how much beauty a violin, or simply music, can bring!


  1. I really don't like slow violin pieces but this one is definitely light and energetic. Unfortunately, i don't go research who was the greatest violinist and what not so you telling makes me feel out dated! XP I really like J.S. Bach's pieces for only because it's fun to play. :)

    1. Oh don't feel outdated! I take these boring music history exams so that's why I know about these composers and stuff. And yes, I like Bach's music too, though I have never actually played any of them. But they seem great because a lot of them are unaccompanied, which I love!

      Thanks for commenting!

      -Grace :)


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