March 8, 2013

Classical Piece of the Week: Hungarian Dance No.7

Classical Piece of the Week is back! And dare I say better than ever, because you guys are in for a real treat this week. This morning I was fumbling around Youtube, trying to find a CPW. I already had a couple of pieces in mind, but once I re-listened to them, I realized I wasn't really that passionate about them. And then I happened to come across Hungarian Dance No.7 by Johannes Brahms, and I knew I had met my match.

This piece was originally composed for piano, but I find that the violin version gives out a crisp, more vibrant sound. Specifically Jascha Heiftz's version. This work of music is quite short, but I don't think it would be better any other way, because the shortness fits the mood of the music.

The music sounds at times a little tentative, but a confident kind of tentativeness with a hint of amusement. Like a joker with a lot of class. The tempo is very upbeat and fearless, and the melody interweaves into different directions but always stays in the same character.

And between you and me, I admit that I did a ballet/contemporary dance improvised routine with this piece of music, and I must say that I felt very accomplished after. Even though I do realize I looked extremely ridiculous... :3

Well, I hope you'll give this piece a try, because it is simply sublime! All you need to do is press that play button. And if you're interested to hear the piano version, here is a link to it!


  1. Great piece!
    Btw you have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! Deets here:

    1. Thank you Danielle, it is quite an honour to be nominated for this award! However, I've been nominated more than once, so I don't think I'll be making another post on it. But thank you for the consideration!

      -Grace :)


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